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Another ‘work in progress’: favicon design

Favicon is this tiny picture (icon) that you see next to your webpage name in browser. You also see it when you bookmark a website or add it (pin it) to a desktop. It’s tiny but very important for brand recognition and customization.

Once favicon image is finalized, this great online tool can be used to generate all necessary formats and metas.

Version 1


My first take on favicon image: trying to convey an idea of measurable improvements by using a graph bars visual.

Version 2


Version 2 of favicon image: graph bars are horizontally aligned now.

Version 3


Version 3 of favicon image: different background and graphs colors…

Version 4 (final?)

favicon -

Version 4 (final?) of favicon image

  • simplified (minimalist) look;
  • no background
  • bar colors match logo colors;
  • first bar looks like letter “i”;

Version #5

Trying to move away from may be too simple bar look…

This version has only 2 bars (instead of 3 bars in previous versions). There is also a check-mark (graph line) that looks like a letter “V“. Together these elements form a stylized letter “M” (as in “Make” or “Maximov). First bar looks also like a letter “i” and a second bar – like an exclamation mark (“!” or “Better”).

Version 6


favicon6-8Latest version!

Back to 3 bars (first like “i“, last one like “!“). One could see a letter “M” too (as in “Make” or “Maximov”).