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Looking good on any screen:

  • desktop
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  • phone

Easy to use

Accessible for anybody

  • easy navigation
  • clear structure
  • no broken links


Protected against attacks

  • regular updates
  • security audits
  • quality coding


Customised Error Page

Error page (page 404) creation is an essential but often neglected part of a web design process. What will your visitors see if by some error thay try to access a page that does not exist on your website? It takes time to create such page. It must be visually pleasing...

Favicon design

Another 'work in progress': favicon design Favicon is this tiny picture (icon) that you see next to your webpage name in browser. You also see it when you bookmark a website or add it (pin it) to a desktop. It's tiny but very important for brand recognition and...

I have registered a new domain name My new web project is under way! Endless possibilities for shameless self-promotion 🙂 The main objective is to promote my web design services: I make websites better (by improving existing websites look and...


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